”A spiritual Journey!” 

– Transforming thoughts into action!



Type of Coach

Spiritual Coach


Empowerment through balanced living.

Idea- and philosophy

To make people aware of their true potential and their purpose.

Target group

Organizations, companies, Coaches and individuals that want to develop understanding.

Suitable for

People who want to build knowledge and awareness about themselves.

Not suitable for

People who consider themselves to be perfect and have nothing to gain by getting to know themselves better.


A better understanding of whom and where we are in life, makes it easier to reach our goals. The speaker believes happiness can be measured in wellbeing; therefore he motivates people to take care of themselves.

Name of speaker

  Kristian Fredheim


  Oppriktig.no Ltd


 Mor Åses vei 30, 1535 Moss, Norway

Organization number

  994 742388 MVA

Telephone number



Email:  post@yoursincerity.com


    History and introduction: 
  • Kristian Fredheim is born in Bergen, Norway in 1963. He is currently working as a rehabilitation coordinator in Norway where he helps people with health related challenges to see themselves and believe in their future. He is also practicing as a spiritual Coach, writer and speaker in Scandinavia and is awaiting his Green Card to go to the USA. His vision is; to Balance the world!

    He maintains a bachelor in international marketing, based on studies in Norway and Germany. Kristian is a certified Aura Mediator™ , and his goal is to become an Aura Mediator Instructor™ when he moves permanently to California.

    He loves to dance West Coast Swing and have earlier practiced Marshall Art, where he maintains a black belt 1-Dan in WTF-taekwondo. With his 30 years experience working with and around people he shares his story with passion. He has written and self published four books and has recently sold whatever he owned, to travel, light and live his purpose. This purpose will eventually lead him to the United States and San Diego. His intention is to spread and increase the understanding of purpose and balanced living around the world.

    Kristian can be reached for treatments and speaking engagements in The San Diego county, in accordance to pre booked agreements. You can read more about him at www.yoursincerity.com and get in touch with him through post@yoursincerity.com.

Offered lectures

  Lectures are in 45 minute intervals.

 Speech  1 – 45 minutes
” Indigo and Crystal Children and The New Time energy!

Speech  2 – 45 minutes
” The Crystalising process!”

Speech  3 – 90 minutes
Signature speech:” A spiritual journey!”



I thank you for your time and kindly ask you to contact me by email: post@yoursincerity.com or call: +47.911-75965
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With regards
Oppriktig.no Ltd

Kristian Fredheim

Email: post@yoursincerity.com
Telephone: +47-911-75965