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Why you should choose

to work with Kristian Fredheim

    Introduction meeting

    When your map and terrain doesn’t ad up, it is convenient to get in touch with a Spiritual Coach.
    An introduction meeting has the purpose of getting to know you sincere intension. The conversation will reveal what you want at the same time as I will clarify what I am able to do.
    “What is needed to make your dream come through?”

    An introduction meeting is for free – lasts for 30.minutes and gives you the privilege of getting to know the energy I represent before choosing what you want. Interesting isues to consider that you will have to clarify is as follows:
    -Clarify your direction, where do you want to go?
    – Challenges, what is preventing you from succeeding?
    – Opportunities, what do you see and believe is possible for you where you are right now?

    On which level do you feel your life is holding you back, is it you body, mind or spirit, that is keeping you from achieving more?.When time is up – the rest is up to you!
    • You can carry on, without any obligations.
    • You can consider my suggestions to a follow up program.


      Do you know what you want?

      Welcome to a change, that will take place on several levels.I believe faith is under-estimated, and that your faith can move montains!

      The big question from me to you is:
      Do you believe in your self?

      Do you know what you really want?
      I know you have tried and acknowledged that “something” is stopping you and that you need some sort of assistance to get where you want! You believe in my approach and would like an introduction-meeting to consider your options and my conditions.
      Welcome to a new possibility!

      Let us create lasting results!
      If you need assistance with one or several of the mentioned areas, get in touch! I believe in your intention and reason for seeing me; therefore I am happy to hear what you really want. Remember that what you now do is all about “something” YOU think is important. If you would like to know more, you can book your introduction-meeting with me.

        Know your self! make people aware of their potential.This kind of work takes place on different levels and its purpose is to let people get to know themselves. “Nosce te ipsum!” is my language of election, yours is

        I can make your dream come true, either by getting your words printed or by visualizing your expression in a video. You can come alone or as a group. Everything starts with your choice. Get in touch, so I can get a feeling of how I can assist you in getting the results you persist. Everything starts with the introduction-meeting. See the video and you will understand!

        Demo Reel

        Find out more about Toolkit for Coaches.

        We are great at what we do

        People come to me to get assistance with their challenges. I am holistic thinking and do not
        exclude anything. At the same time I believe that your energy, focus and concentration are closely linked together with whom you are. When despair hits us we talk about an unbalance that we can choose to balance. Here are some of the challenges that man can experience, no matter where you are in the world:

        1. The weight issue
        2. Work hours and Leisure time
        3. Work and results
        4. Inner conflicts
        5. Belief and Questions
        6. Bitterness
        7. Comfortableness
        8. Lack of belief in yourself!
        9. Loneliness
        We are much more alike than you think.
        How does this challenge affect you where you are right now?

        Our specialization


        Core Services

        • Introduction-meeting

          Introduction-meeting is a free session that will set things in motion. I want you to be seen and heard on where you are, and what you need. Let us puzzle the different pieces together so it fit’s the picture you need to fulfill. The first session lasts for 30-minutes and is free; I will show you how I will support you and how we can make sure that you succeed with fulfilling the Issues or target’s at hand. If this appeals to you, send me an email and mark it: Introduction-meeting request!

        • AuraTransformation™

          AuraTransformation™ is a treatment method which powerfully activates the influx of The New Time energy. In short, an AuraTransformation™ provides a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness which anchors a synergy between one’s charisma, drive, and intuition, together with physical action. Read more about : AuraTransformation™.
          Time needed: 3 hours (180 minutes) + balancing (60 – 90 minutes)

          Price NOK; 3100,- including one balancing session. ( 1.-14.days after the transformation). For US citizens there will be an additional fee of NOK 400,- to cover the traveling expenses. The balancing session has a value of NOK; 800,- and lasts for 1,5 hour – 2 hours. If an Extra balancing session is needed this can be booked and paid for separately at a later stage!

          Note: You cannot perform an AuraTransformation™, before you have completed an introduction-meeting.

          If you have questions: see prices!

        • AuraTransformation™ and Balancing

          Extra balancing session after completed AuraTransformation™ or an Auraadjustment™.
          A balancing session like this, last for one and a half up to two hours.

        • Spiritual Coaching 1 Hours

          Price: 350$.You might wish to work with a spiritual life coach in order to:
          • Better hear your true calling
          • Receive confirmation about your true feelings
          • Be fully and deeply heard on every level of your being
          • Learn new ways to respond to life situations
          • Make balanced, focused decisions and life plans
          • Get unstuck so you can reach business and personal goals
          • Discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose
          • Bring your dreams into reality
          • Make graceful life transitions

          Spiritual Coaching has the purpose of connecting your needs to the answers you usually carry around in your body, mind or spirit. Unfortunately we block out the answers, trying to survive in the Matrix where we live. My job is to make you captain of your own ship.

        • Spiritual Coaching 10 Hours

          Programs are offered in three variation:

          1. Spiritual Coaching package-1: 10 hours of Coaching.
          2. Spiritual Coaching package-2: 20 hours of Coaching.

          The coaching session will reveal where you are and what you need to proceed.
          Coaching program and frequency will be planned in accordance to needs and the present intention. Do you live the life you dreamt of living?
          To grow with your conscious mind, means accepting who you are. As responsible individuals, we sometimes need to search our true intentions.
          Others view often influence our inner perspective. Where are we searching for purpose?

          Your choice of perspective makes it easier to find possible ways to understand the consequences. I believe in your true intention!

          A Coaching session – lasts for 45 – 90 minutes. The session will include what is needed to make you the client seen, heard and understood. The answer may very well be hidden in the mixed atmosphere between who you are and what you do to survive. If you have further questions: see conditions

          Get in touch by email: or by phone: + 47-91175965 and make your reservation.

        • Full service - 20 hours - All inclusive

          Level Three- AuraTransformation™: with 20 hours of Coaching.

          You can go directly from an Introduction meeting, choosing to have an AuraTransformation™. It is however important to notice that you should have read one of the following two books by Anni Sennov.: Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Adults of the Future [Kindle Edition or Balance on All Levels with the Crystal and Indigo Energy [Kindle Edition]. You can find the two books here:

          An AuraTransformation™ lets the spirit energy of the aura open up for the new strong Indigo and Crystal energy impulses. It then delivers the impulses to the Physical body via the Balance aura body such that the Physical body can translate the impulses into action. An AuraTransformation™ in itself is not a quick fix solution to solving all of life’s problems. Rather, it opens a doorway to a process of reclaiming one’s own power. AuraTransformation™ is not a substitute for qualified health care for the physical body and/or the mind and is not intended to cure diseases. AuraTransformation™ is intended for people who are relatively stable in their physical and mental health. Furthermore, it is especially important not to get an AuraTransformation™ when emergency professional help is needed.
          AuraTransformation™ isn’t something you try out, just to see what it’s all about. An AuraTransformation™ is a permanent and thorough expansion of one’s personal consciousness and awareness with no option of regretting – once it’s done, it’s done!

          Following an AuraTransformation™ you seriously begin to take shortcuts in life, but it’s you who do all the work. In the New Time, there’s nobody else who will do the job for you. Everything will at all times be based on one’s own effort in life to the fullest extent possible. An AuraTransformation™ is performed by a well trained and qualified Aura Mediator™. The Aura Mediator™ works with pure balanced energy during the AuraTransformation™ which is completely integrated into the client’s energy system. The AuraTransformation™ jump starts a key personal evolutionary process beyond the artificially made illusions of duality and hierarchy consciousness. This affords a deep inner balance that can’t be described in words. It simply has to be experienced. Time needed: 3 hours (180 minutes) + balancing (60 – 90 minutes) . A normal balancing session is normally arranged 1-14.days after the transformation, but can also connected. If connected total time needed is : approximately 4 hours.
          • If an Extra balancing session is needed this can be booked and paid for separately at a later stage! If you have further questions: see conditions

          Get in touch by email: or by phone: + 47-91175965 and make your reservation.

        I would love to hear; “What people who have worked with us have to say”